Turck releases new longer sensing ranges for its sensors

Turck Australia announces the launch of a new line of sensors featuring
longer sensing ranges and a more compact design than the previous version.

TURCK’s new uprox3 series of sensors features an electronic platform
that uses the latest chip set and manufacturing technologies to offer the
largest switching distances of all Factor 1 sensors on the market. These world-leading
technologies enable the creation of the uprox3 Factor 1 sensors in compact, 4mm
smooth barrel and M5 designs with a 1mm switching distance, even for flush
mounting. Using these technologies, TURCK has also managed to shrink the
previously most compact M8, M12 and M18 designs.

The third generation of TURCK’s uprox Factor 1 sensors, the new uprox3 sensors
offer switching distances that are as much as 50 percent higher than the
existing uprox+ sensors, which offered large switching distances for all metals.
The existing sensors were also unable to sense 3mm in the M8 design, 6mm in M12
and 10mm in M18.

Thanks to the consistent development of its uprox technology, TURCK has
been able to achieve these larger switching distances without compromising
performance. The uprox3 sensors not only offer excellent application
reliability for demanding sensing tasks, but also allow for the possibility of
completely new installations.

Being inherently immune to magnetic fields, TURCK’s uprox3 series
sensors are suitable for use in demanding industrial applications including welding
for the automotive and metal forming markets.

Key features of the new
uprox3 series include robust PTFE coated sensors in M8, M12 and M18 designs;
supplied with weldguard; high EMC stability offered; flexible mounting
including full flush mounting; and precise switch points.

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