Turck Cloud Solutions for Industry 4.0

Turck Australia announces the release of their Turck Cloud Solutions
service to address Industry 4.0 requirements.

As part of the Turck Cloud Solutions service, data is transferred
directly from Turck’s controller and I/O components to the cloud using the
Kolibri protocol recently purchased from Beck IPC, to guarantee encrypted

This new cloud service allows users to save and evaluate production data
in the Turck cloud, be it for monitoring tasks or optimising their processes
and plants. An added benefit of the Turck cloud is that the relevant data can
be simply selected in the controller at the click of a mouse. The cloud user
interface enables this data to be arranged in clusters and logically organised in
diagrams and charts without any additional configuration.

Users benefit from a range of capabilities in the Turck Cloud Solutions
service including choice of having their data hosted cost efficiently and
centrally by Turck, or an on-premises variant in which the Turck Cloud Software
is installed on the customer’s own servers. The centrally hosted variant can
also be registered by the user as a customer cloud, which means the cloud user
interface can be adapted to the customer’s branding and corporate design. This
variant is particularly attractive for OEMs seeking to offer their customers a
cloud service as an option with their machines and plants.

New functions and variants are being added to Turck
Cloud Solutions. For instance, industrial servers for mounting in the control
cabinet (IP20) and in the field (IP67) are also planned. With self-learning algorithms,
the machine will be able to recognise problems early on (predictive
maintenance), suggest the solution to the problem and, if necessary, solve the
problem automatically using precise information from the relevant service

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