Turck and Banner Engineering set up new sales company in South Africa

Turck and Banner Engineering have entered into yet another joint venture,
establishing a new sales company in South Africa.

Turck and Banner Engineering have purchased RET Automation Controls,
their long-standing sales partner and the new sales company has been named Turck
Banner South Africa. The company will be managed by Brandon Topham and Garth
Cubitt, previous RET shareholders and all 14 existing RET employees will remain
in the new organisation.

“We are pleased that we can now take care of our customers in South
Africa with our proprietary subsidiary and draw on the experience and know-how
of our longstanding sales partner RET,” says Turck managing director Christian
Wolf. “After Singapore and Malaysia, South Africa is the third subsidiary that
we have founded with our strategic partner Banner Engineering within the past

“The joint venture in South Africa is a logical continuation of our
dynamic internationalisation process over the last few years,” adds Bob Schlicksup,
vice president for global sales at Banner Engineering. “We have now made our
first step on the African continent and are very happy that together with Turck
we can open up a new chapter in our success story.”

The new companies in South Africa, Malaysia and Singapore are not the
first joint ventures of the two companies. Turck and Banner have been working
together very successfully in Europe with joint ventures in England, France,
and Italy. In many other regions, Turck is the sales partner for the entire
product portfolio of Banner Engineering.

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