Tunnel safety inspections keeping traffic flowing

Maintenance is an important component of infrastructure development.
Especially so in the transportation infrastructure sector with millions of
people relying upon a network of roads, highways and railway lines to commute,
travel and transport goods every day.

Tunnels represent a part of modern infrastructure that is extremely vital
for many transport forms. Tunnels need to be inspected at regular intervals, requiring
a series of checks that involve mapping, measuring and monitoring key surroundings
and constituent parts. Technological advances have ensured new ways of
recording data and information during inspections including paperless methods
and electronic inspection software in place of outdated printed checklists.

Smart mobile devices, for instance, allow offline recording of data and
capturing of information via standardised response, regular typing and
on-screen drawing. Paperless safety inspection apps also provide all the
correct documentation and instructions as attachments, compared to the
cumbersome paper-based inspection routines of the past. Features such as speech-to-text
and image capture in the mobile device reduce the need for manual input from the
inspector even further.

As several tunnels are often owned by one organisation, the use of new paperless
inspection apps provides a centralised inspection method with seamless
integration. Once the inspections are complete, data can be immediately synced
with in-house databases or cloud-based computing. Paperless inspection
checklists can be analysed quickly and easily updated if further information or
corrective action is required even during the actual inspection process.

Repeat inspections and time-consuming methods no longer have to slow
down the process, shortening both construction and maintenance times. By retaining
a high level of detail and quality, modern inspection methods based on paperless
inspection apps can improve tunnel inspections across its lifecycle. Shorter,
more accurate inspections mean less risk for maintenance and disruption.

Going paperless keeps the traffic flowing and commuters

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