Trojan T4 professional all-in-one digital label finishing press

The new Trojan T4 launched by AstroNova company TrojanLabel is a robust,
standalone all-in-one digital label finishing press system featuring a small
footprint and superior print resolution.

An advanced label printing press that includes a precision laminator and
semi-rotary die-cutting feature for complete label production, the T4, at less
than 2.3 metres in length has a much smaller footprint than comparable systems,
thereby taking up less space on the production floor.

Key features of the Trojan T4 all-in-one digital label finishing press
system include print width of 50.8mm to 223.52mm; superior print resolution of
up to 1600 dpi; impressive print speed of up to 304.8mm per second, or 18 metres
per minute; and automatic adjustment for variances in timing and spacing when
fed manually.

Designed for high capacity production, the T4 allows users to generate
extremely large runs in a short period of time. Offering a complete finishing
system for brand owners and label converters, the T4 is one of the most compact
and economical finishers in the market providing perfect registration.

The TrojanControl touch screen comes complete with a job library and also
features a cost calculator to review operating costs. Low ink consumption helps
further reduce costs and the quiet operation is an added benefit.

Metromatics offers the Trojan T4 digital label finishing press to existing
and potential customers to complement their range of digital label printers including
the Kiaro K-100, QL-800, Trojan T2-C and Trojan T3-OP.

For more information, please visit the Metromatics
website or call (07) 3868-4255.

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