Treotham reveal new Electric Linear Actuators with breakthrough performance and efficiency advantages over pneumatic alternatives

The new
Thomson PC-series electric linear actuators offer the highest precision and
power density of any actuator in its class, and is suitable for continuous duty

The actuator
has a compact and efficient design with many benefits over traditional pneumatic
linear actuators. It offers significantly lower energy costs, lower
maintenance, simpler machine designs and higher overall performance.

pneumatic actuator systems operate continuously, usually at 10-15% efficiency
and have high maintenance costs of compressors and air leaks. The high
efficiency ball screws in the new Thomson PC series offer efficiencies of over
80% and only use energy when needed. In many applications, converting from
pneumatic to electric actuators can generate energy savings which exceed the
cost of the new actuator in just one year.

actuators offer new flexibility for machine designers who often need to change
set-ups to run different processes or products. Changing velocity profiles or
end stops can be done very quickly with electric actuators, whilst maximising
productivity and reducing waste.

The PC
series are suitable for food processing and packaging, material handling and
factory automation applications where high reliability, accuracy and 100% duty
cycle operation is required. They have an IP65 rating and smooth exterior
profile, making them ideal for wash down applications.

The actuators are available in small
sizes of 25, 32 and 40 and have square sizes of only 34mm, 45mm and 55mm
respectively, but deliver as high as 6000N of thrust force. They feature stroke
lengths of up to 1200mm, which are twice as long as most competitive electric
actuators with similar frame sizes. They also conform to ISO 15552 for
mechanical interfaces and adapters, making machine upgrades fast and simple.

The user can easily mount their own
motor using the Thomson RediMount systems for a fast and reliable installation
with guaranteed alignment.

To estimate your energy cost savings and
find out more about the PC series actuator, visit

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