Treotham releases new safety switch CTP for explosive atmospheres

Treotham announces a new version of the Euchner transponder coded safety
switch CTP with guard locking, modified and approved for use in potentially
explosive atmospheres. The new safety switch CTP EX can be used in gas (code 2)
and dust (code 22) environment applications.

CTP EX safety switches are designed to meet the high requirements of
potentially explosive atmospheres as per the requirements of the ATEX
directive. Design modifications include measures preventing the formation of
sparks and provision of an additional protective enclosure.

Key features of the new CTP EX safety switch include a locking force of
2600 N; ability to connect up to 20 devices; compliance for use in ATEX Zone 2
and Zone 22 environments; and designed to meet EN ISO 13849-1 and EN ISO 14119 standards
for a type 2 switch with a high coding level.

Please visit the Treotham Automation website or call 02 9907 1788
for more information.

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