Treotham introduces high performance plastic material for continuous steam exposure

Treotham presents a new self-lubricating bearing material developed by
igus to resist steam, moisture and pressure in sterilisation and autoclaving
applications. The new iglide HSD350 material from igus offers an affordable
alternative to metallic options in high temperature conditions.

The process of autoclaving, which is used to kill bacteria in food and
pharmaceutical production, can create a number of problems for components from
the high heat and steam pressure. For instance, the steam and high heat used in
the autoclaving process require metallic bearings to have special lubrication.

To address these issues, igus developed a new self-lubricating bearing
material offering resistance to steam, moisture and pressure. Suitable for
continuous use in hygienic conditions, even with regular sterilisation, the new
iglide material can endure continuous temperatures of 180¡C as well as
temporary exposure to temperatures up to 210¡C.

Due to the low moisture absorption and thermal expansion, the iglide
HSD350 material is ideal for use in autoclaves and steam chambers, food production,
pharmaceutical manufacturing and cleaning of medical tools.

igus provides bearings and joints that allow for high levels of
sterilisation, even in complex, non-separable units.

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