Tray control cables now certified for oil resistance II usage

Treotham announces the availability of tray control cables with oil
resistance I and II ratings.

TRAYCONTROL 600 and TRAYCONTROL 600-C control cables from Helukabel have
passed the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) Oil and Resistance II test. With the
latest approval, both cables now have oil resistance I and II ratings, making
them ideal for applications where cables are exposed to oil and extreme
temperatures for extended periods of time.

Continuous exposure to oil and other degradation mechanisms or
conditions such as temperature can significantly damage cables and considerably
shorten their lifespan.

The UL Oil Resistant II test required the cables to maintain 65% of
their tensile and elongation properties after being immersed in oil for 60
consecutive days at a temperature of 75¡C. The cables were also observed for any
physical damage, caused by oil exposure at high temperatures.

Key features of Helukabel’s unshielded TRAYCONTROL 600 and shielded
TRAYCONTROL 600-C flexible control cables include a specially formulated PVC
jacket; UL/CSA approval; exposed run (TC-ER) rated for 600V; and wind turbine
tray cable (WTTC) rated for 1000V applications.

The tray control cables are utilised in machine tool and plant
construction in dry, damp and humid environments; for industrial applications
such as automotive manufacturing due to their oil resistance; and in equipment
found in the machine, body, paint shops and conveyors that transport vehicles
from each work centre.

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