Tork industrial cleaning cloths keeping Porsche workshop immaculate

Industrial cleaning cloths from Tork Australasia are helping a Porsche
workshop keep their work areas in perfect condition.

Mechanical workshops can be tough to maintain but when the work involves
dealing with one of the best car brands in the world, it makes sense to invest
some effort and use appropriate cleaning materials for the upkeep.

Grant Geelan, co-owner and Principal Mechanic of Autohaus Hamilton, refers
to his immaculate workshop as his ‘field of dreams’. For over 40 years, the Autohaus
Hamilton team has been proudly servicing, selling and custom-building Porsche
cars for the road and for motorsport. Geelan has switched from rags to Tork industrial
cleaning cloths in his workshop for everything from cleaning tools and benches
to wiping down engine parts.

According to Geelan, unlike rags that fail to do a good job, Tork cloths
are very absorbent, have a consistent size with no seams, and need to be taken only
one at a time. Additionally, the low-lint surface of Tork cleaning cloths is an
advantage in the engine building room where they work with high-end, expensive

Since the switch, Autohaus Hamilton has found the usage costs of rags and
Tork cloths to be similar, but waste generation has reduced substantially as
the cloths are less bulky. Tork industrial cleaning cloths are also easier to
store and manage as they stack easily and neatly into one cupboard.

Autohaus Hamilton has also installed the European designed,
award-winning Tork dispensers in the workshop in addition to sleek black Tork hand
towel and toilet paper dispensers in the washrooms.

The complete Tork range of workplace hygiene products in use at the Autohaus
Hamilton workshop includes Tork industrial cleaning cloths, Tork W4 dispensers,
Tork Xpress multifold hand towel dispensers – black, Tork multifold hand towels,
Tork conventional toilet roll dispensers – black, Tork soft conventional toilet
rolls, Tork foam soap dispensers – black, and Tork mild foam soap.

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