The safest onsite waste water solution

The safest onsite waste water solution

The next generation of wastewater technology has arrived! 

Presby Environmental has developed the world’s most practical and effective wastewater treatment systems, Advanced Enviro-septic (AES), combining superior treatment with ease of installation and long term cost advantages.

Using less energy and requiring less maintenance than other systems, Advanced Enviro-Septic is a preferred wastewater treatment method for those wanting to reduce costs. This makes the systems distributed by Chankar Environmental a great solution for both domestic and commercial needs.

The Enviro-Septic systems have not only revolutionised the way wastewater is treated from a practicality standpoint, however. The Enviro-Septic tanks are also cutting edge in terms of their environmental sustainability.

The Advanced Enviro-Septic system is an innovative Advanced Secondary Wastewater Treatment System that is passive and non-mechanical giving it one of the lowest carbon footprints in the waste water treatment industry. The Advanced Enviro-septic systems are adaptable to virtually any residential or commercial application including municipal sewerage plants.

With Enviro-Septic Technology, individuals and businesses no longer need to rely on septic tank systems that risk the health and safety of our people and environment.

These are septic systems Australia can rely on!

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