The 12 questions to ask when buying hydraulic cylinders

PT Hydraulics Australia lists out 12 questions for prospective buyers of
hydraulic cylinders. It is important to select the right hydraulic cylinder for
the job; however, there are a number of important factors that need to be
considered when determining which Power Team cylinder model is best suited for
the specific application.

1. What push or pull tonnage is required per cylinder in the
application? Always choose a cylinder with a tonnage rating of 20% or more than
what is required to lift the load.

2. What is the push or pull stroke length required?

3. Does the cylinder need to push, pull or do both? Single-acting
cylinders extend the piston under hydraulic pressure while double-acting
cylinders extend and retract the piston under pressure.

4. Does the application require multiple cylinders?

5. Is it a fixed application? Components must be light in weight for
easy portability in a flexible application.

6. Would a rod or cable be extended through the centre of the cylinder
for the application, such as in a tensioning operation?

7. Does the application require the cylinder to fit within
limited-clearance work areas?

8. Does the application require that the cylinder be ‘dead-ended’ at the
end of its work stroke? This is a feature available in Power Team cylinders.

9. Will the cylinder need to withstand off-centre loads? Cylinders with
swivel caps are available from Power Team.

10. Does the application require the lifted load to be supported for
extended periods of time? Locking collars and cribbing blocks are ideal for
such jobs.

11. Does the application require the cylinder to be corrosion resistant?
The unique ‘Power Tech’ surface treatment is standard on many Power Team
cylinders, and optional on cylinders featuring steel construction.

12. Will the application involve high cycles exceeding 2,500 in the
cylinder’s lifetime? Power Team’s ‘RD’, ‘RH’, RP’ and ‘C’ series cylinders are
ideal choices for such applications.

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