TETRA radios safely connecting mine workers across sites

Effective communication is a critical part of operations on any
industrial site, impacting both safety of workers and productivity of the
business. This is especially so in the hazardous mining industry where worker
safety is paramount. Previously, conventional Factory Mutual (FM) radios were sufficient
for safely connecting workers across sites; however, new developments in
frequency utilisation and digital technology have seen the adoption of TETRA
(Terrestrial Trunked Radio) systems across a significant number of Australian mines.

TETRA radios are widely used throughout Oceania with leading mining
companies BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Origin Energy all benefitting from the
scalability and interoperability provided by this technology. Features such as Direct
Mode Operation (DMO), Trunked Mode Operation (TMO), extended coverage,
emergency calls and multiple redundancy are helping workers communicate smarter
and quicker, with the connections safeguarded at all times.

Designed to handle high traffic volumes, TETRA networks go beyond
conventional infrastructure by integrating mobile and data technologies. With
Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA), users benefit from four channels on each
frequency and can engage in both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections.
This feature enables communication across large groups quickly, securely, and
more efficiently than ever before.

Australia’s largest two-way radio rental company, TR Hirecom offers a
range of Intrinsically Safe, ATEX rated TETRA handsets including the Motorola
Digital Tetra MTP8550Ex, which comes with built-in GPS, ‘Man Down’ alarm and
superior voice clarity among several features ideal for use in hazardous

Improve safety and drive productivity for your business through modern
communication systems. Call TR Hirecom today on 1800 222 327 to find out more.

TR Hirecom is part of the TR Pty Ltd group.

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