TECHLINE actuator systems easily integrated with balers for better control

TECHLINE actuator systems from actuation solutions specialist LINAK Australia can be easily integrated with the control system of balers. Both standard
actuators as well as more advanced IC actuators can be used in this

Using a LINAK actuator solution (standard, IC and CANBUS) for balers
provides the required control and feedback well into the future. LINAK
actuators provide a very precise positioning and feedback system resulting in
high control of the net braking force. Precise tightening of the net ensures
high bale density and quality, and precise control of the knife ensures
efficient net cutting.

Typical actuators from LINAK used in balers include the LA12, LA14 and
LA36, which can help automate the belt tensioner for controlling the tension of
the belt; knives to cut the net or wire; pick up up/down control; and brake for
controlling the tension of the wrapping net.

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