Sydney carpet maker installs Ezi-Duct rotary separator

A Sydney-based carpet manufacturer has invested in an Ezi-Duct rotary
separator system to separate dust from fibre when recycling old carpet tiles.

Located in the South Western area of Sydney, the carpet manufacturer
sought a specialised system that would separate the dust from the carpet tile fibre
as they recycled old carpet tiles. The process involves shaving the old carpet
tiles, then collecting the product with negative pressure and putting it
through a Polex rotary separator. Thereafter, the dust-free carpet fibre goes
into a bailer with the dust collected by the Ezi-Duct eCono 4000 dust collector.

The Polex designed rotary separators, manufactured and supplied by Ezi-Duct,
can separate from a moving air stream, products that have a large surface area.
These separators are very commonly used for paper trim systems in the cardboard
and packaging industry as well as for aluminium foil trim systems in the
recycling industry. The perforated rotating impeller fan allows for continuous
blockage-free operation.

Ezi-Duct also supplied one of their eCono 4000 dust collectors to the carpet
manufacturing unit. The eCono 4000 dust collector provides suction of up to
4000 m³/h @ 2500 pa and has a high efficiency, energy saving 4.0 kW fan.
Ezi-Duct’s modular steel ducting system and Ezi-Flex flexible ducting were
additionally supplied for the installation.

The eCono 4000 dust collector automatically cleans the 15 filter bags in
the unit every time the system is shut down, via a PLC incorporated into the
control panel supplied with the unit. This allows the dust collector to operate
at 100 per cent efficiency every time.

A leading Australian manufacturer of dust
collection and fume extraction equipment, Ezi-Duct offers a comprehensive range
of dust collectors, fume extractors, spray booths, rotary valves and vehicle
exhaust hose reels among many more. Ezi-Duct can custom design and build dust
extraction systems to meet the specific requirements of their customers.

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