Swarovski store in Stockholm installs expandable gates

The Swarovski Group recently installed mobile and trackless expandable
gates at one of their new stores in Stockholm, Sweden. A global corporation and
a leading producer of crystal jewellery and accessories in Europe, Swarovski is
headquartered in Wattens, Austria and operates a network of over 2800 stores in
more than 170 countries.

The expandable gates installed at the Swarovski store have been
configured in a multi-angled shape to accommodate the unique layout of the
storefront. The trackless and freestanding design of these expandable gates avoids
the need for any overhead support structure or headroom, simplifying

Available in standard heights of 2020mm or 2520mm, the expandable gates come
in unlimited spans due to their unique modular design to flexibly suit any
application. The absence of the cumbersome and unwieldy removable mullions makes
it easy and safe for the staff to operate the gates. From an aesthetic point of
view, the expandable gates with their high quality gloss pearl white
powder-coated finish and sharp precision angled lines, add to the visual appeal
of the storefront.

The expandable gates are fabricated from precision engineered steel
sections, come with multiple locking options, offering a compact, secure,
strong yet lightweight solution, and operate on a series of heavy duty
75mm bottom thermoplastic rubber non marking castors. Both steel and aluminium
expandable gates
are available depending on the application with the latter
more suitable for installation in a highly corrosive marine environment.

Expandable gates from The Australian Trellis Door Company are OH&S
tested for safety and come with a detailed, written and independent WHS Risk Assessment.
The gates are also independently tested
for dynamic impact, simulated climbing and wind force overturn conditions under
the Australian Standard AS 4687 -2007 Temporary Fencing and Hoardings. Further
testing has been successfully completed for emergency egress under the Building
Code of Australia where required.

ATDC’s expandable gates are recommended for temporary lockup of pop-up
stores, kiosks and other temporary tenancies, access control at shopping
centres and public buildings (such as railway stations and passenger terminals
at airports and ferry stations), and Worksafe applications such as construction
sites, events, entertainment venues, factory warehouses and loading docks.

ATDC’s expandable gates are also available for hire on a long, medium or
short term basis.

For more information on the expandable gates, please contact toll free
on 1800657435 from anywhere in Australia or visit ATDC’s website.

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