SUHNER’s demo services for surface treatment

New demo services
introduced by SUHNER for surface treatment are designed to enable users to
achieve the best outcomes in their applications.

Critical to
achieving the desired quality of surface treatment are factors such as
selecting the right machine, the right speed, the optimal abrasives, and the
best procedure.

SUHNER’s special
demo services now support customers onsite with a whole range of abrasives and
equipment of diverse drive types including electric, compressed air, flexible
shafts, and battery. Demo services are set up for users to help them achieve
the best results for their applications and will also include the assistance of
a highly trained and experienced technical consultant who will visit the site and
tailor a solution precisely to the user’s challenges.

Provided free
onsite, these services are delivered by SUHNER’s experienced technical
consultants who are equipped with all the machines, tools and abrasives. The
user can then try out the various products directly on an actual workpiece.

SUHNER’s new demo solution
encompasses a broad range of services with the user getting an opportunity to
learn, for instance, how to choose abrasives for attaining the best finish; how
to reduce tool weights for the same machine performance by skilfully combining
components; and how to eliminate whole cycles of operations with highly refined
end-to-end solutions. To this end, both users and experienced consultants can
work hand-in-hand in developing optimal solutions to maximise savings

The ergonomic design
of SUHNER machines and their high performance-to-weight ratios help to reduce user
fatigue for better personnel health.

SUHNER demo services
are available for all electric, compressed air, flexible shaft or battery drive
machines, with the demo service consultants describing how the various products
are used and devising individual solutions for the user’s practical needs.

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