Suhner releases new, green INOX range for highly effective cleaning of metals

Suhner Australia introduces an environment-friendly range of cleaning
agents for various metals.

Made from plant-based ingredients and free of harmful chemicals, the new
INOX range of cleaning, protecting and polishing agents offers effective
performance against some of the most aggressive deposits of contamination and
dirt on metals. The Suhner INOX range includes Sun Clean, Sun Protect and Sun
Polish to provide a complete cleaning, protecting and polishing solution for
stainless steel and other metals.

The natural ingredients of all three cleaning agents ensure effective
cleaning of metals with ease, removing contamination embedded in metal pores as
well as all kinds of rust. The fast-acting agents can be used independently or
collectively on various metals.

INOX Sun Clean

Formulated to remove rust and deposits from stainless steel, aluminium,
copper and mild steel, Sun Clean is specially made from plants, eliminating any
risk to people’s health or the environment. The deep cleaner is very effective
and quickly and easily removes dirt without damaging the oxide film on the

INOX Sun Protect

The neutral and mild formulation of INOX Sun Protect washes away all
residues, creating a barrier to protect all metals against corrosion and
contamination. Sun Protect forms a protective film of nano particles to promote
the exchange of oxygen needed to build an oxide layer. Also made from plant-based
ingredients, Sun Protect can be regularly used to help eliminate corrosion even
in aggressive environments.

INOX Sun Polish

Formulated specifically to clean matt surfaces, INOX Sun Polish is
recommended for polishing stainless steel, nickel, copper, bronze, chromium and
aluminium to a lustrous finish. Sun Polish is also made from plant-based matter
and is gentle on both metal and skin.

Suhner’s INOX range of agents is NSF certified, allowing their use on machines
involved in producing both food and pharmaceuticals. The ease of use and
effective results cut down on maintenance.

Suhner’s clean and protect kit, the INOX kit, includes
Sun Clean and Sun Protect as well as application materials.

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