Special Mining Services releases safer all-purpose warning whips

Patents have been issued to Checkers Industrial Safety Products by the
United States and Australia for its top-rated Gorilla all-purpose warning

A reputed manufacturer of cutting-edge safety products utilised in a
variety of applications, Checkers is committed to constant improvement, resulting
in patents being granted for its top-rated Gorilla range.

Checkers President and CEO, Ray Torres explains that lighted warning
whips have become a valuable, accident-reducing safety tool in mining and various
industries. Conventional whips available in the market frequently short out
when exposed to water. The re-engineered Gorilla safety whips were introduced
in 2013 and are being seen as a game changer, proven by the recently issued
utility and design patents.

The redesign of Gorilla all-purpose warning whips included the
development of a single, continuous power and ground connection from the
installation point to the whip light. This connection drastically reduced the
possibility of light failure due to electrical shorting, while a unique
stainless steel hex base, water-resistant pig tail, and o-ring seal design
improved water resistance. The premium fibreglass resin construction makes it the
strongest whip in the industry.

Patents issued to Checkers Industrial Safety Products for its Gorilla all-purpose
whips include: Waterproof Warning Whip Hex Base and Connector (U.S. Utility
Patent #8939635, Australian Design Patent #349732); LED Adaptable Whip Light
(U.S. Patent Approved, Australian Design Patent #352914); and LED AP Permanent
Whip Light (U.S. Patent Approved, Australian Design Patent #351911).

Additional patents are approved and pending in both the United States
and Canada.

Checkers’ Gorilla all purpose warning whips are
available in Australia from SM Safety (Special Mining Services).

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