Smallest MRI compatible electrophysiology head stage

Scitech introduces the world’s smallest, lightest and first MRI
compatible head stage by Blackrock Microsystems for applications in the field
of electrophysiology involving small animals.

The new MRI compatible head stage is a lightweight, 16-channel, single unit,
analogue recording head stage for small animals such as rodents, cats and
primates. Designed to fit in the bore with the animal, the head stage buffers
and then transmits neural signals with superior signal quality through a
coaxial ribbon cable to a CerePlex A or front-end Amplifier (FEA). The data is
then acquired by either a CerePlex Direct or a Neural Signal Processor (NSP).

The latest development will allow small animal researchers to directly
correlate neural activity with hemodynamic changes detected on MRI for awake
and responsive subjects. The shielded ribbon cable has excellent noise immunity.
The head stage measures 10mm x 20mm x 2.3mm and weighs a mere 0.5g.

For more information, please visit the Scitech
website or call (03) 9480 4999.

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