Slashing the cost of compressed air with air nozzles

EXAIR compressed air products were installed in a cardboard
manufacturing facility to reduce the use of compressed air as well as lower the
noise problem.

The cardboard manufacturing facility was using a 3/8″ OD
open tube to blow scrap cardboard off a conveyor. This scrap cardboard
would occasionally be blown inside the roller area at the end of the conveyor
creating a maintenance nightmare that required hours to disassemble and remove.
The facility decided to install another 3/8″ OD open compressed air tube
to divert any cardboard headed towards the conveyor roller. Though the new 3/8″ open
tubing eliminated the scrap problem, it introduced a few new ones.

For instance, the open hose was extremely noisy at over 100 dBA,
creating compliance issues with the OSHA standard CFR 1910.242(b), which
requires that a compressed air blow off device may not be dead ended at more
than 30 PSIG. The 3/8″ open tubing was also using a tremendous amount of expensive
compressed air, which was draining the system pressure in the facility.

The manufacturer opted to replace the open tube with an EXAIR 2″ flat
super air nozzle. Replacing the open blow off with an intelligent compressed
air product such as the HP1125 high powered flat super air nozzle would
lower the noise level below 83 dBA as well as consume significantly less air. Model
HP1125 nozzle was chosen for its thin profile to fit into the tight location.

The manufacturing facility wanted to know how much they were saving in
terms of compressed air and energy consumption.

Based on EXAIR’s test data, a 3/8″ OD open tube that is 18″ long will
flow 68.5 SCFM at 80 PSIG. A 2″ flat super air nozzle such as the HP1125 utilises
37 SCFM when fed with 80 PSIG inlet pressure. By removing one 3/8″ OD tube the
cardboard manufacturer saved 31.5 SCFM of compressed air. At an electrical cost
of $0.08 per kWh, compressed air costs $0.25 per 1000 SCF. A saving of 31.5 SCFM
reduces the manufacturer’s electrical bill by $0.48 every hour, $3.48 for
every 8-hour shift, and $960 per year calculated on the basis of 250 working
days at eight hours a day.

Savings will double if the manufacturer runs two
shifts. The simple return on investment for this nozzle is 130

EXAIR’s intelligent compressed air products are easy to install, safe
and efficient, and can save a company thousands of dollars each year by
replacing unsafe open blow offs with these products at minimal investment. Reduced
noise levels also help create a healthier and more comfortable workplace in
compliance with OSHA standards.

EXAIR compressed air products are available from Compressed Air Australia.

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