Simple and affordable force testing up to 5kN

The CS Series single column force tester available from Bestech Australia is one of the lowest priced devices in the market designed for simple
force testing up to 5kN.

Optimised for testing packaging, electronics, plastics, medical devices,
textiles, and rubber, CS Series single column force testers provide users with
an easy-to-use method for tensile testing (pull), compression testing (push),
shear testing, flexural testing or advanced multi-stage testing.

The device can be programmed for limit testing (load, distance and
time), break testing, cyclic and loop testing, multi-stage/ user defined
testing, and height measurement.

Key features of CS Series single column force
testers include compact footprint allowing placement on a bench or tabletop in
a lab with minimum encumbrance; nearly unlimited choice of test fixturing and
grips making the tester an ideal choice for a wide range of low-force test
requirements; simple to set up, operate and maintain; 100 kHz data sampling; multilingual
and multi-unit display options as standard; and provision to export data
directly to Excel or OLE2 formats.

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