Scitech releases Wealtec’s Keta G & GLX-Gel Documentation System

Gel Doc, also known as Gel Documentation System, Gel Image System or Gel Imager, is widely used in molecular biology laboratories for the imaging and documentation of nucleic acid and protein polyacrylamide or agarose gels typically stained with ethidium bromide or other fluorophores such as SYBR Green.

Generally, a Gel Doc is composed of an ultraviolet (UV) light transilluminator, a hood to shield external light sources and a camera for image capturing.

Keta G Features

  • computer-controlled lens
  • superior 12bit B/W CCD Camera
  • five position motorised filter wheel coupled with a highly transparent amber filter and a 2X close up lens
  • Large 25 x 25cm with high intensity low background MD-25K UV transilluminator enhances gel visibility
  • Built-in blue/white light transilluminator power source ideally for optional Bio-Safe Application


  • Education, university, academic and research institute
  • Analytical, chemistry and molecular laboratory
  • Food, industrial and inspection laboratory
  • Drug discover, Biotechnology company
  • Proteomics, genomics core facility
  • Enzyme reaction, immunology

Ketagalan GLX – Gel documentation system comes with the same specifications to Keta G but has bonus features of 16 bit CCD depth, 2/3 “chip size, 72db SN Ratio, 6.45um x 6.45um pixel size and Peltier (-10 o C) cooling. Suitable for high sensitivity gel documentation and chemiluminescence

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