Scitech releases PCO Ultraviolet CCD cameras

Scitech introduces the PCO
Ultraviolet, a new range of UV sensitive 14 bit CCD cameras featuring state-of-the-art
CCD and electronics technology.

The new PCO Ultraviolet is a compact
CCD camera system perfectly suited for various scientific and industrial
imaging applications such as UV detection, semiconductor mask inspection,
machine vision, quality control, water and mask inspection, high resolution
microscopy, hyper spectral and combustion imaging, industrial OEM, material
testing and luminescence spectroscopy.

This high performance digital 14-bit
CCD camera system delivers high quantum efficiency in the ultraviolet part of
the spectrum with available exposure times ranging from microseconds to a

Key features of the new PCO
Ultraviolet CCD cameras include 8 electron read-out noise; 1.3 MP resolution;
quantum efficiency of 21% @ 193m; ultra-compact design measuring 80 x 50 x 50
mm; 14-bit dynamic range; exposure times from 1 µs to 60 s; temperature
compensation; and USB 2.0.

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