Scitech releases optimised cantilever deflection detection system

The NanoWizard ULTRA Speed AFM
system from Scitech combines excellent resolution with a fast scan speed. The
optimised cantilever deflection detection system generates very little noise while
fast electronics featuring the highest bandwidth as well as rigid mechanics and
the newly designed high-voltage amplifiers deliver accurate force control even
on delicate sample structures.

Fast scanning in-situ AFM experiments
are now possible with the NanoWizard ULTRA Speed AFM combined with standard
inverted optical microscopy featuring condenser optics. The AFM finds
application in scientific/laboratory research; biophysics; atomic force
microscopy; and atomic force microscopy combined with FLIM, FRAP, TIRF, FRET,
Super-Resolution and Confocal.

Key features of NanoWizard ULTRA Speed AFM
include fast scanning >300Hz line rate in air and liquid with excellent
resolution; atomic resolution in closed-loop mode by lowest scanner,
position-sensor and detection-system noise level; easy-to-use QI mode for
quantitative material property mapping; unique integration with optical
microscopy by tip-scanning design and patented DirectOverlay mode for most
precise correlative microscopy; comprehensive force measurements from single
molecules to living cells; and excellent flexibility and upgradeability with a
broad range of modes and accessories.

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