Scitech releases Nanosurf FlexAFM atomic force microscopes for material and life science research

Scitech announces the release of
a versatile and flexible range of atomic force microscopes from Nanosurf AG, a reputed
manufacturer of nano-microscopes for industrial and academic research, and educational

The high versatility of Nanosurf’s
FlexAFM atomic force microscopes allows a large variety of applications to be
performed easily in air or liquid environments, materials science or life
science applications, standard imaging or advanced measurement modes, or on a
standard sample stage or an inverted microscope.

Compatible with many types of
inverted microscopes, FlexAFM readily combines AFM and optical data (fluorescence/
phase contrast/ bright field).

Key features and benefits of Nanosurf’s FlexAFM
atomic force microscopes include flat and linear scanning thanks to the
flexure-based scanner technology; true flexibility achieved with exchangeable
cantilever holders optimised for specialised tasks; and multiple measurement
modes comprising of Lateral Force Microscopy, Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy, Scanning
Thermal Microscopy and Fluid Force Microscopy.

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