Scitech releases Microstar Laboratories’ DAP5200a Data Acquisition Boards

The Microstar Laboratories’ DAP 5200a
model brings many more real-time data acquisition and control applications within
the scope of Windows systems. Its on-board 400 MHz processor substantially
increases the real-time processing power of the top end of the DAP line.
Real-time processing functions include smoothing, filtering, FFT, PID control,
and responding to alarm conditions; the DAP 5200a also can scan high-speed
data for trigger events in real time to capture pre-trigger as well as
post-trigger data. Technical
Note 164 shows the results for, among others, a 1024-point FFT (0.6
milliseconds per block) and FIR filters (0.2 microsecond overhead per channel
plus 11 nanoseconds per tap – for a total time of 1.2 microseconds per output
value for a 101-tap filter, for example).

The DAP 5200a

  • has an on-board 400 MHz AMD K6-III+
  • comes with 32M of DRAM on-board memory
  • is compatible with other a-Series boards
  • uses a PCI bus for PC-based platforms
  • transfers data to PC at high rates – up to
    1666k samples per second
  • allows fast real-time processing
  • offers low latency – 0.1 ms task time quantum
    – for fast response
  • increases sampling period resolution to 50 ns
  • provides on-board emulation of DSP routines
  • samples or updates the digital section at up
    to 1.66 million values per second
  • provides 14-bit A/D converter resolution
  • provides the same input and output voltage
    ranges as the DAP 4200a
  • samples analogue inputs at up to 800k samples
    per second
  • updates analogue outputs at up to 833k samples
    per second each
  • has expandable analogue and digital
  • complies with the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC

There is one current DAP 5200a model: the
DAP 5200a/626.

All a-Series Data Acquisition Processor
boards – including the DAP 5200a – share the same cabling and Eurocards for termination
and expansion.

The DAP 5200a has a PCI host interface, and
is capable of high speed data transfers to the host PC. Using bus mastering DMA
transfers, the DAP 5200a can transfer data to the host PC at the maximum
sampling rate of 1666k samples per second.

The DAP 5200a provides 14-bit A/D
resolution for its 16 on-board analogue inputs, and 12-bit D/A resolution for
its 2 on-board analogue outputs. The on-board analogue input channels sample at
an overall 800k samples per second, and the 16 on-board digital input channels
sample at an overall rate of 1.666M words per second. The two on-board analogue
output channels update at an overall 1.666M updates per second, and the 16 on-board
digital output channels update at an overall 1.666M words per second.

Through the on-board DAPL operating
system, users of the DAP5200a can adjust the task scheduling
interval – down to a 0.1 ms task time quantum. This means that a single task
will run for no more than 0.1 ms before DAPL switches to another task. In
process control applications, the system must respond to data as quickly as
possible; a system with a 0.1 task time interval attends to each task
regularly… and quickly.

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