Scitech releases Lambert Instruments’ new imaging solutions

Scitech announces the
availability of a broad range of imaging solutions from Lambert Instruments designed
specifically to deliver results at low light levels.

Advanced imaging solutions

The software and hardware
automation interface provided by Lambert Instruments simplifies the integration
of these imaging products into any client set-up. Lambert Instruments’ products
incorporate advanced technologies to capture clear images in low light; one of the
main components is an image intensifier that boosts the intensity of incoming
light. All products are developed and assembled in-house.

Intensified cameras

The intensified cameras and
camera attachments from Lambert Instruments use an image intensifier to boost
the intensity of incoming light. Users can upgrade their existing cameras with
an image intensifier to increase light sensitivity.

High speed imaging


Designed to boost the light
sensitivity of any high-speed camera, the High-Speed Intensified Camera
Attachment (HiCATT) allows low light level imaging applications at frame rates up
to 20000fps. The HiCATT F-mount and C-mount connections offer optimal
flexibility. Expanding the dynamic range of a high-speed camera, HiCATT enables
detection of even single photons at low-light input. Over exposure is prevented
in brighter lighting conditions by using short gate widths (down to less than 3
ns), with these ultra-short exposures yielding sharp images of fast-moving


Delivering high frame rates in
low-light conditions, the High-Speed intensified Camera (HiCAM) features an integrated
fibre-optically coupled image intensifier, which combines high speed imaging with
extreme light sensitivity down to single-photon level. Key features also
include internal image storage or direct data streaming to a computer; minimum
exposure time down to 3 ns; dual-stage image intensifier; and software for
camera control, image viewing and storage.

HiCAM Fluo

The HiCAM Fluo is a high-speed
camera for fluorescence applications, capable of recording high resolution images
in challenging lighting conditions thanks to its cooled image intensifier. Key
features also include minimum exposure time down to less than 3 ns; single-stage
image intensifier; and direct data streaming to a computer.


Designed to simplify fluorescence
lifetime imaging, the Lambert Instruments FLIM Attachment or LIFA allows
quantitative lifetime data to be recorded in a matter of seconds. A specialised
software analyses data instantly and presents results visually for easy
interpretation. Key features also include fast fluorescence lifetime imaging
(up to two lifetime images per second); fluorescence lifetimes automatically
calculated after each recording; compatibility with every fluorescence
microscope; and data exported to ImageJ, FIJI, MATLAB and MetaMorph.


The TRiCAM is a compact intensified
camera designed for scientific and industrial applications that require
low-light imaging, ultra-short exposures or frequency-domain imaging using
lock-in detection. Advanced gating features in the camera reduces the exposure
time down to 3 ns ensuring sharp images of highly dynamic processes and enabling
precisely timed exposures for multi-exposure recordings.


Designed to boost the light
sensitivity of a camera, the TRiCATT is an image intensifier for scientific and
industrial cameras and is ideal for experiments that require low light imaging
or ultra-short exposures through fast gating.

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