Scitech releases compact atomic force microscopes from Nanosurf

Scitech introduces Nanosurf’s
latest atomic force microscope system, the NaioAFM, combining a compact AFM and
its controller integrated in a single unit.

The atomic force microscope’s
compact footprint allows quicker setup with less cables and plugs, and no loose
parts, without any adjustment of components or alignment of laser required.

The NaioAFM integrates scan head,
controller, video camera, XY-stage, airflow protection, and anti-vibration
isolation in a single device. The user can begin operation by simply connecting
the power supply and USB cable, and placing a sample to start exploring the
Nanoworld using contact mode, dynamic mode, phase contrast and many more

Ideal for nanoeducation in
material science, engineering, physics and chemistry, NaioAFM atomic force
microscope presents a user-friendly entry level instrument for roughness
measurement, defect analysis, surface coating and quality control on small

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