Scitech releases Camera Link HS interface for scientific CMOS cameras

Scitech has released a new Camera
Link High Speed (CLHS) interface for scientific CMOS cameras.

Specifically designed to meet
the needs of vision and imaging applications, the pco.edge CLHS from PCO
combines advanced scientific CMOS technology with an ultra-fast CLHS interface
for high data throughput. The pco.edge CLHS with data transmission rates of up
to 1.1 GByte/s, is the perfect complement to the high data rates of the
pco.edge cameras and is compatible with the pco.edge 4.2 and 5.5 sCMOS cameras.

Camera Link HS provides low
latency, low jitter, real-time signals between a camera and a frame grabber
while carrying image data, control data and trigger events. Fibre optic cables
overcome the significant distance limitations of other cable types with a high
degree of flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Key features of the new CLHS
interface include up to 1187 MB/s bandwidth (CLHS X-Protocol – 10G) per lane
equivalent to roughly three times that of a USB 3.0 bandwidth; ability to
increase bandwidth using several lanes and cables in parallel or multiple frame
grabbers; 100 fps maximum frame rate; more robust connection eliminating
communication errors with Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Fibre Optic Link
(FOL); more distance at 10km with single mode fibre and standard LC connectors;
greater flexibility using real-time trigger over cable with jitter < 12.8 ns
for X-Protocol and Plug and Play with GenICam and GenCP; and standard network
hardware components allowing multi sourcing with cost efficiency outcomes.

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