Scitech releases active vibration isolation systems

Scitech announces the launch of active
vibration isolation systems from Accurion.

Active vibration isolation is described
as the active compensation of disturbing vibrations by generating a
counterforce. With high-resolution measurements and manufacturing techniques reaching
nanometer scales, vibrations have become a major problem. Achieving precise and
repeatable results, therefore, depends on the effective elimination of
disturbing vibrations; this can be done by isolating the application from a
vibration source.

Typical sources of disturbing
vibrations include building and floor vibrations; acoustic vibrations; and motorised
equipment and machinery.

Accurion offers multiple
solutions for active vibration isolation in small as well as large scale

These include Halcyonics i4 flat
bench top isolation system designed for small and lightweight applications; Halcyonics
Vario consisting of two modular isolation elements and control unit with
automatic load adjustment; Halcyonics Vario Basic featuring two of four modular
isolation elements and control unit with manual load adjustment; Halcyonics
Workstation i4 incorporating an ergonomic laboratory table with integrated i4; Halcyonics
Workstation Vario featuring an ergonomic laboratory table with integrated Vario
system; Halcyonics Sandwich with a heavy load isolation platform; Halcyonics
Duo featuring heavy load isolation elements; and Halcyonics Acoustic Enclosure
Series for airborne noise isolation.

Key features of Accurion’s
active vibration isolation systems include zero natural low frequency resonance
resulting in excellent vibration performance even in low frequency range; extremely
short settling time of only 0.3s; active bandwidth 0.6/1Hz to 200Hz (beyond
passive isolation); active vibration isolation in six degrees of freedom; instantaneous
generation of a counterforce to compensate vibrations ensuring real active
vibration isolation; compact design and low installation effort; high position
stability; no compressed air required; wide range of standard versions and
customisation available; and push button solution for ease of use.

Accurion’s active vibration
isolation systems offer several benefits including excellent performance even
under severe environmental conditions; ability to dampen building vibrations; rapid
system setup; qualified service for standard and customised solutions by factory
trained personnel; and 2-year guarantee.

Applications include profilometer;
ultra-precise scales; sensitive laser setups; small SEMs; ultra microtom; ellipsometer;
nanointender; inverse microscopy with or without AFM head; patch-clamp setups; CLSLM/LSCM;

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