Scitech releases 1.4MP scientific CCD camera for imaging and documentation

Scitech presents the Retiga R1, the
latest addition to the portfolio of CCD scientific cameras from QImaging.

Featuring a highly efficient 1.4MP
CCD sensor for routine fluorescence imaging and documentation, the Retiga R1
incorporates QImaging’s Intelligent Quantification – on-camera intelligence
features that correct defective pixels, remove accumulated dark current, and
make high dynamic range imaging available.

The Retiga R1 CCD cameras also
offer fast 50 MHz pixel digitisation to increase camera frame rate and provide
the user with all the speed needed for laboratory imaging, as well as generate
large amounts of data, handling the data smoothly via the new super speed USB
3.0.interface. The Retiga R1 camera is available in monochrome and colour
versions and comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Key features of Retiga R1 CCD
cameras include 75% peak QE combined with low noise electronics revealing the
weak signals missed by industrial cameras; increased exposure time and binning
enabling detection of the faintest signals with deep sensor cooling; 50MHz two
port readout delivering frame rate for finding, focusing and imaging samples;
ability to reduce photo-bleaching and photo-toxicity on samples; Intelligent
Quantification providing advanced real-time FPGA algorithms to deliver better
image quality; and new QImaging Ocular
imaging software.

Retiga R1 CCD cameras find use in applications
requiring fast, sensitive imaging and documentation; and detection and

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