Scitech presents BW&Tek’s Handheld Raman Spectrometer for Narcotics, Explosives & Hazardous Material Identification

Scitech announces the
availability of a new handheld Raman analyser designed for non-contact forensic
analysis of unknown chemicals, explosives, narcotics and various substances.

The TacticID-GP from B&W Tek,
Inc is a field-ready handheld device designed for use by safety personnel,
police and first responders, including hazmat technicians, bomb squads, law
enforcement, border and customs patrol, and military personnel among many

The lightweight TacticID-GP is a
Raman spectrometer, weighs less than 1kg and allows users to get real-time
actionable identification data of unknown substances while reducing operational
uncertainty and response time without compromising the integrity of the sample
or the chain of evidence.

Supplied standard with a
comprehensive library of over 5000 hazardous chemicals, explosives, narcotics,
prescription drugs, precursors and cutting agents, TacticID-GP enables users to
develop their own custom libraries in order to continuously maintain up-to-date
identification capabilities.

The TacticID-GP also comes
standard with software for use on PCs for data and report management, allowing
customers to export data and generate reports. The analyser provides Wi-Fi
synchronisation capabilities with network terminals to optimise time and

TacticID-GP handheld non contact
analysers find application in the analysis of unknown solids, powders, liquids
and gels through various package types; identification of toxic solvents and
bio-warfare agents; identification of binding agents and explosive materials; identification
of non-destructive narcotic drugs; and verification and identification of
pharmaceutical drugs.

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