Scitech now supplying Microstar Laboratories data acquisition boards

Scitech introduces DAP 5200a
data acquisition boards from Microstar Laboratories.

Microstar Laboratories’ DAP 5200a
board brings many more real-time data acquisition and control applications
within the scope of Windows systems. Its on-board 400 MHz processor
substantially increases the real-time processing power of the top end of the
DAP line. Real-time processing functions include smoothing, filtering, FFT, PID
control, and responding to alarm conditions. Additionally, the DAP 5200a
can scan high-speed data for trigger events in real time to capture pre-trigger
as well as post-trigger data.

Key features of the DAP 5200a data
acquisition boards include on-board 400 MHz AMD K6-III+ processor; 32M
DRAM on-board memory; use of PCI bus for PC-based platforms; high speed data transfers
to PC at up to 1666k samples per second; fast real-time processing; low latency
0.1 ms task time quantum for fast response; on-board emulation of DSP routines;
14-bit A/D converter resolution; expandable analogue and digital inputs/outputs;
and compliance with EMC Directive 89/336/EEC.

There is one current DAP 5200a
model, the DAP 5200a/626. All a-Series data acquisition processor boards
including the DAP 5200a share the same cabling and Eurocards for
termination and expansion.

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