Scitech now supplying IDT – Y Series 5 – High Speed Camera

A “state-of-the-art” CMOS sensor combined with
the most advanced features resulted in a new product line of high speed cameras
from IDT: the Y-series.

The Y5 surpasses high definition with a 4.0
megapixel sensor capable of 730fps at full resolution. Variable lens mounts support cinema lenses,
as well as those built for Nikon and Canon SLR’s. the HDMI output ensures that the image can be
monitored at the full resolution before, during and after the recording.

A large internal RAM memory, up to 16 GB
accommodates long recording times. Two interfaces (Gigabit Ethernet of USB-2)
accommodate easy communication with multiple cameras (a mix of Y, X, M and
MotionXtra cameras).

The use of composite
materials and a smart mechanical design results in a shock resistant camera up
to 100G. The optional battery pack offers the backup of the images in case of a
power surge but also an autonomous use up to 60 minutes.

The versatility of this Y5 makes
it very useful in the production, research and development


Key Features:

  • Shock resistant to 100G in all
  • Up to 16GB in internal memory
  • 8-10 bit (mono) or 24-36 bit (colour)
  • Gigabit Ethanet & USB2.0
    & HDMI
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Lens Mounts: C, F, PL and Canon
  • Autonomous use up to 60 minutes
    with the optional battery
  • 100 nanosecond inter-frame time
    in double exposure mode
  • Compatible with Data Acquisition
    System (16-channels, 500 kS/sec)
  • Compatible with Timing Hub

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