Scitech now distributing Lumenera’s microscopy camera

Scitech introduces Lumenera’s
INFINITY3-1UR microscopy camera, reengineered to offer exceptional dynamic
range, read noise and dark current noise. An ideal solution for moderate
fluorescence applications, INFINITY3-1UR raises the bar for performance in an
uncooled ICX285 sensor-based camera.

INFINITY3-1UR is the second
research-grade camera unveiled by Lumenera featuring core technologies shared
across the product line. The camera also incorporates a unique noise reduction
technology developed by Lumenera that combines high grade components, low noise
electronics and improved thermal management techniques to deliver superior

Key features of Lumenera’s INFINITY3-1UR
microscopy cameras include unmatched light sensitivity for low light
applications enabled by a high quality Sony ICX285 CCD sensor; extremely high dynamic
range and large 6.45 µm square pixels ideal for light-challenged applications;
low noise progressive scan 2/3″ 1.4 megapixel CCD image sensor; high-speed
USB 2.0 interface for ease of installation on any computer; 30 fps at full 1392
x 1040 resolution; and select 8- and 14-bit pixel data modes.

The INFINITY3-1UR includes
INFINITY ANALYZE software for advanced camera control, image processing, measuring
and annotation, and INFINITY CAPTURE, an intuitive user interface, which includes
all of the basic features needed to control the INFINITY camera and capture

The Lumenera’s INFINITY3-1UR
microscopy camera is available in both colour and monochrome models.

INFINITY cameras can be integrated into a
variety of third-party software packages through direct drivers or with
TWAIN/DirectX support. A Mac camera driver and Image J plug-in are available
for the INFINITY3-1UR. On-board memory buffering is included to guarantee image
delivery to the host computer.

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