Scitech introduces new Camera Link fibreoptic extenders

Scitech announces the release of the VisionLink XF, a new Camera Link
fibreoptic extender by Engineering Design Team (EDT).

EDT’s VisionLink XF is a remote extender for Camera Link (base through
extended full mode) over fibreoptic cabling, allowing the camera to be placed even
thousands of metres away from the host computer, depending on the cabling and

Supporting data transmission rates up to 850 MB/s, with a pixel clock of
20-85 MHz, the new remote extenders work in pairs and combine to form an
extension system between the camera and an EDT or third-party Camera Link
framegrabber. One extender attaches to the camera and the other to the
framegrabber through the SDR26 connectors on each device. A fibreoptic cable
connects the pair via the SFP+ transceiver on the back of each extender.

Triggering/ serial is provided via Camera Link, or externally via an
optional Lemo connector. The VisionLink XF complements the VisionLink RCX for
base mode by supporting up to extended full (80-bit) mode. According to EDT
Field Application Engineer Cliff Hayes, the new VisionLink XF improves on their
previous full-mode solution by supporting up to 85 MHz via two extenders and
one dual-fibre cable.

EDT’s VisionLink XF remote extenders find use in astronomy/ biology/
microscopy; aerial mapping/ traffic systems; commercial film/ multimedia; medical
and nuclear imaging; manufacturing/ inspection; machine vision/ robotics; security/
surveillance; scanning/ archiving; and remote sensing applications.

Please visit the Scitech website for more information or call 03 9480 4999.

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