Scitech appointed authorised distributor for PhenoSys

Scitech has been announced as
the authorised distributor for the PhenoSys range of automated instrumentation
designed for use in the behaviour biology field. PhenoSys is a Berlin-based research
and development company specialising in the engineering and marketing of
cutting-edge technology for automated animal behaviour research.

PhenoSys’ automated
instrumentation range includes virtual reality spherical treadmills, touchscreen
technology for animal behaviour environments, animal sorters, systems for
activity measurements and automated home cages as well as RFID transponder
operated devices to provide high throughput solutions. The PhenoSys team uses
its extensive expertise in electrical and mechanical engineering, computer science
and behavioural biology to create experimental systems for behavioural
phenotyping, brain research, experimental psychology and diagnostic characterisation
of animal models for translational medicine.

These technologies allow researchers
to construct virtual-reality mazes, where scientists can implement impromptu
changes to experiments, saving both time and money unlike previously when researchers
spent hours constructing physical mazes and other research settings.

The distribution partnership between Scitech and
PhenoSys will empower neuroscience researchers to facilitate faster and more
cost-effective research. 

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