Scitech appointed authorised Distributor for NanoFocus

Scitech has been appointed the authorised distributor for the NanoFocus range of products in Australia and New Zealand.

Nanofocus offers products for 3D surface measurement, precise 3D profilometry and ultra fast 3D in-line sensors. These products work at high measurement and analysis speed for in-line quality assurance, process control, on production lines, automotive, electronics and medical technology industries.

NanoFocusAG is a developer, manufacturer of measurement technology and software packages for the characterization of technical surfaces. Their confocal optical 3D surface analysis tools offer perfect quality assurance, process control and manufacturing efficiency for all industries and applications. NanoFocus AG’s analysis systems allow high precision micro and nano scale 3D surface measurements. The innovative systems enable extremely fast, easy and contactless 3D measurements of topography, micro-geometry, roughness or other surface characteristics.

NanoFocus has years of patented know-how in the high-resolution optical 3D measuring technology and analysis fields. The product range includes outstanding hardware solutions combined with powerful software packages. The product portfolio of NanoFocus contains three lines of measurement systems: the Œºsurf 3D metrology systems, the Œºscan 2D/3D profilometers and the ultra-fast Œºsprint 3D in-line sensors -all based on the optical confocal principle developed and patented by NanoFocus. From standard system to customized business solution, they offer the best and effective measurement solution for each measurement task. The hardware is complemented by the analysis software Œºsoft, also developed by NanoFocus.

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