Scientifica’s new MDU XL for multiphoton imaging

Scitech presents the MDU XL, a new multiphoton detection unit from Scientifica
designed for multiphoton imaging in deep, scattering tissue.

Optimised to deliver crisper and deeper images, the MDU XL enables up to
35% more efficient light collection than standard MDUs in multiphoton imaging
experiments involving up to two colours. The multiphoton detection unit also exhibits
a superior signal-to-noise ratio as a means of acquiring a higher calibre of

The MDU XL can be fitted with two photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) in order
to facilitate the collection of photons from two simultaneous channels, and is
compatible with a number of large back aperture objectives. It can also be
fitted with up to two gated or protected GaAsP PMTs to maximise sensitivity.

The MDU XL multiphoton detection unit is compatible with M32, M27, M25
and RMS threaded objectives. Its primary detection dichroic measures 60 x 40 x
1 mm, and its collection lens has a diameter of 45mm. Additionally, it comes with Scientifica’s 2-year

For more information, please visit the Scitech
website or call (03) 9480 4999. 

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