Scientific CCD cameras for spectroscopy and imaging

Scitech introduces the
all-new ALEX camera platform from Greateyes, designed for spectroscopy and
imaging applications in the VUV, EUV, soft and hard X-ray range.

The new ALEX
scientific CCD cameras integrate cutting-edge low-noise electronics and
ultra-deep cooling technology (-100¡C) in a very compact design.

The camera allows multiple
readout speeds to be selected, supporting pixel rates from 50 kHz up to 5 MHz.
True 18-bit AD conversion allows the user to exploit the full dynamic range of
the CCD sensor, resulting in superior signal-to-noise ratios (SNR).

The ALEX camera
platform is ideally suited for detection of very weak signal intensities where
a low noise floor is paramount. In the event the application requires speed,
the camera delivers excellent performance.

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