Rydell teaming up with Gates to provide preventative maintenance training

Rydell and Gates Australia are committed to supplying the highest
quality belt drive systems in the industry. Companies using Gates’ preventative
maintenance solutions will not only save time and money but also create a safer
environment for employees.

Gates Maintenance Training

Gates offers a state-of-the-art preventative training course designed for
all industries and accommodating the varying knowledge levels of individual
workers responsible for fitting, purchasing, designing and selecting belt
drives. The course guides all attendees to a proficiency level of expertise, making
them competent to install, tension and laser align all V, joined and
synchronous belts.

Delivered using an interactive method with a hands-on demonstration rig,
the training course will help clients align and tension drives correctly on
site, saving thousands of dollars through reduced downtime and increased energy

Gates Maintenance Kits

Gates maintenance kits are designed to help complete all drive
installations and maintenance tasks with ease. Gates offers a choice of
maintenance kits to best suit particular requirements and budgets. The kits are
supplied in a hard cover carry case providing excellent protection for the

Gates 507C Sonic Tension Meter

Designed for easy operation by one person, the sonic tension meter
provides fast, accurate readings on all types of synchronous belt drive systems
and V-belt drives. The standard cord sensor helps the user reach inside cramped
compartments where conventional measurements would be impossible.

Gates EZ Align Laser Alignment

The new Gates EZ Align precision laser alignment device is designed to align
industrial belt drives quickly and easily. Gates EZ Align tool uses powerful
laser line technology for maximum angular accuracy on belt drives up to six
feet in length.

Gates AT-1 Laser Alignment Tool

Improper pulley alignment can cause noise, wear on pulleys, belts and
bearings, vibrations and ultimately, machine downtime. All these issues can be
prevented by using Gates’ quick-mount laser alignment device, the LASER AT-1. The
laser line projected on the targets allows the user to quickly ascertain and
correct any misalignment. The LASER AT-1 identifies parallel as well as angular
misalignment between the pulleys, and is suitable for pulley diameters of 60mm
and larger.

Gates also offers belt and pulley gauges;
tension testers; belt measurers; and tension plates and stickers.

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