Rydell supplying Rapplon homogenous food grade elastic belts

The Australian agent for Rapplon belting, Rydell, in conjunction with
Ammeraal Beltech, continuously extends its range of products to be the preferred
one-stop-shop partner for customers.

Rapplon elastic spreader belts –
complete all-in-one solution

Ammeraal Beltech has developed a new elastic spreader belt offering
all-in-one solutions from a high performance product to easy installation on

Key features of Rapplon UU N16 SP5Q FG belts include non-stick P5
profile with excellent release; and reliable elasticity.

Rapplon check weigher belts –
precision in motion

Checkweighers, also known as belt weighers or in-motion scales automatically
check the weight of unpacked or packaged commodities ensuring a smooth outflow
at the end of the production process.

Rapplon homogenous food grade
elastic belts

Rydell’s new range offers proven high performance in many different
industrial segments including printing, post printing, tissue, mail sorting, textile
and leather industry, light roller drives, light power transmission, wood
industry and tyre industry among many more.

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