Rydell supplying Rapplon flat belting for live roller drive conveyors

Rydell supplies Rapplon flat belting from Ammeraal Beltech to suit all
types of live roller drive conveyors.


Logistics and automated production are industries for the future.
Optimising workflow and improving process efficiency are important aspects of development
work. Roller conveyor systems dominate logistics and distribution centres
throughout the world. They are frequently installed to link different
manufacturing processes. Important tasks are achieved by live roller drives to
guarantee trouble-free material flow.


Various zones with separate operations such as accelerating, diverting
or accumulation with zero, low or full pressure can be safely achieved with
Rapplon flat belts.

Rapplon high performance flat belts offer a wide selection of different
solutions to all sorts of accumulation techniques including distribution, accumulation,
diversion, merges, singulation, transfers, accelerations, and decelerations.

Rydell has access to E-RappCalc, a new online
calculation tool designed to easily calculate the optimal flat belt for any
particular application without guesswork. The tool allows easy and safe
dimensioning of Rapplon flat belts for all live roller applications including
precise instructions regarding belt tension for on-site fitting staff.

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