Rydell supplying Rapplon elastic belts

Specialist belt supplier Rydell can supply a comprehensive range of
Rapplon elastic belts.

Easy installation and safe

The combination of dimensional stability with easy tracking makes this
range absolutely maintenance-free. The materials selected to manufacture
Rapplon elastic belts are highly reliable and demand lower tension, which
preserves the bearings, extending the overall lifetime of belt and equipment.

Easy and reliable splice

The Rapplon elastic belt range distinguishes itself with a high end
splicing quality thanks to carefully selected raw materials and the Rapplon
QuickSplice joining system. Rydell’s unique, easy-to-use and fast splicing method
contributes to reducing downtime by allowing the staff to replace belts,
eliminating the need for costly external fitters.

Post printing applications –
trouble-free finishing of printed products

Rapplon elastic belts are preferred in the mail room especially after
the printing process. Thanks to their high grip and optimal elasticity, these
belts ensure high efficiency at high speeds adapting themselves perfectly to different
printed materials. Most machines in this department are equipped with common
shafts where only elastic belts are suitable for operating without difficulty.

Rapplon elastic belts offer a clever choice for any lightweight
application in the mail room including feeding, inserting, punching, packaging,
cutting, aligning, jogging and labelling. Replacing belts become elementary
thanks to Rydell’s QuickSplice joining system, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Mail sorting applications – handling
letters efficiently and carefully

As one of the major suppliers of integral letter sorting systems to
leading OEMs, Rydell continuously strives to meet the demands of this industry.

Rapplon elastic belts are easy to fit on fixed shafts and can handle
mail pieces of varying thicknesses perfectly.

The special gentle fleece cover avoids marking or damaging the letters
on stackers. It also protects the letter when transported by the belt at the
bull wheel section, compensating the speed difference between the outer and
inner belts superbly.

The anti-static properties and specific surface finishes reduce dust
generation and dust transfer while facilitating the release of the processed
letters safely. The effective black cover of the Rapplon GG N15 FFQ increases
the functionality of the video coding reading system due to less reflection and
higher contrast.

Rapplon TU N20 FQ – an elastic
belt with an extremely low friction running side

Transport belts running over slider beds demand low friction on the
running side to minimise the wear on wider belts. The new Rapplon TU N20 FQ is
composed of a polyamide fabric at the bottom and handles conveyor duties
perfectly without losing the known benefits of elastic flat belts.

The low load on shafts generated by this new belt helps preserve the bearings
and saves energy. The polyurethane conveyor surface is easy to clean and offers
medium friction to ensure the grip necessary to transport different light

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