Rydell supplies pillow belts for potatoes, fruit and vegetables

Specialist conveyor belt supplier, Rydell offers a comprehensive range
of conveyor belts and process belting products.

Rydell’s belting solutions include pillow belts, which are food grade
belts that protect products from damage.

Conveyor belts fitted with pillow cleats present an excellent solution for
protecting products against damage and blemishes, and reduce costly wastage to
a minimum.

Pillow belts are frequently applied in weighing and packaging systems
for potatoes, fruit and vegetables. After weighing, products land on a conveyor
belt from a limited drop height. Pillow cleats are fitted on the belt to
prevent these delicate products from being damaged, resulting in higher value
products and minimal product loss.

Apart from the traditional green pillow belts, Rydell also supplies
belts in pale blue and blue colours, which comply with FDA and EU guidelines
for food products. Thanks to its high acid resistance, the pale blue belt is
especially suitable for acidic crops, including many types of fruit. The blue
belt offers good oil and grease resistance and is very well suited for
non-acidic produce, such as potatoes and many types of vegetables.

Rydell can fabricate and supply pillow belts to meet exact
specifications including height and dimensions of the pillows, their
centre-to-centre distance and optional guiding ropes or other accessories.

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