Rydell supplies Ammeraal Beltech Ultrasync belts for positive drive

Rydell offers Ultrasync belting from Ammeraal Beltech for positive drive
and synchronous conveying applications.

The Ultrasync belting range is suitable for various industry segments,
including food. Ammeraal Beltech has combined all the good characteristics of
synthetic conveyor belts, plastic modular belts and timing belts in the new Ultrasync

Ultrasync belts are ideal for situations where there are problems with belt
slippage, e.g. in wet and oily circumstances; synchronising in high speed
processes with multi-function; cycle operation for start/stop function; and tracking,
with the low tension allowing easier tracking.

Key features of Ultrasync belting include positive drive, no slippage; improved
tracking; water, oil and chemical resistance; and ambient operating temperature
from -10¡C up to +100¡C.

The positive drive in Ultrasync belting reduces tension resulting in lower
shaft forces, eliminates re-tensioning, and allows smaller drive pulleys and compact
machine design.

Customer benefits of Ultrasync belting also include improved tracking; higher
acceleration without slippage; increased throughput and yield on production
lines; foodgrade quality with selected types meeting FDA and EC requirements; wide
range of accessories including carriers, sidewalls and covering materials; and maximum
width up to 1000mm.

Ultrasync belts can be supplied to meet special requests for fabrics,
coatings, profiles and colour.

Ultrasync belting finds application in synchronous conveying and
positioning; precision high speed indexing and motion; food processing; packaging
machines and lines; hygienic paper production lines; automated process lines; vacuum
applications; and wood processing lines.

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