Rydell supplies Ammeraal Beltech endless woven belts

Rydell is the exclusive Australian agent for Ammeraal Beltech and their
comprehensive range of endless woven belts that provide a unique seamless solution.

Standard process or conveyor belts cannot be used in many applications.
When extreme levels of strength tension and temperature resistance are needed,
seamless and spliceless belts are the perfect choice.

Using various endless woven and non-woven fabrics, the unique
functionality of Ammeraal Beltech’s belting range is illustrated by the fact
that extremely heavy armoured cables can be processed with the same degree of
smoothness as biscuit dough passing over a knife edge.

Endless woven belts offer several advantages including endless and
spliceless design with no seam; constant line speeds and proper tracking; excellent
tensile strength and elongation properties; operating temperatures from -80¡C
up to +350¡C; belt tension up to 1,000N/mm belt width; speeds up to 1,200m/min;
wide range of coatings and profiles; and flexibility to wrap around small
rollers and knife edges.

Applications for Ammeraal
Beltech endless woven belts:

Rotary moulder belts

Ammeraal Beltech’s food grade cotton-based endless belts have a long
lifespan, and their excellent release characteristics prevent the formation of
tails on extracted products. The low pressure required on the extraction web is
ideal for use with rotary moulders and rotary cutters.

Cable pulling belts

The coated continuous polyester or aramid construction of Ammeraal
Beltech cable pulling belts allows high tensile forces to be applied, while at
the same time enabling rolling resistance to be kept low. The absence of a
splice, together with tight tolerances in belt thickness and suppleness, permit
constant line speeds of up to 300m/min.

Coil wrapping belts

The excellent tensile strength elongation properties and wear resistant
polyurethane-coated material enable the sheet material to be tightly wrapped.
The absence of a splice in combination with a long lifespan, make these
flexible belts the perfect solution for this type of demanding coiling

Separating deboning belts

A separator belt transports products via a perforated drum and squeezes the
softer material through the perforation. The harder particles remain outside
the drum.

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