Rydell supplies a range of metal detectable PU-SAFE cords and belts

Rydell is the Australian distributor for the comprehensive range of
BEHAbelt products including metal detectable cords and belts.

Fast moving polyurethane belts used in food processing are subject to
wear and abrasion. BEHA FDA compliant belting is blue in colour, making it
easily detectable in the event a small piece accidentally gets into the food
supply during the production process.

BEHAbelt’s new line of metal detectable food grade belting takes food
safety to the next level. PU80A SAFE belts have a special thermoplastic composition
that allows very small particles to be detected by most standard metal
detection equipment used in the food industry.

BEHAbelt PU80A SAFE metal detectable belts are FDA/EC compliant; used in
dry and wet applications; allow small pieces to be detected; ensure food safety
by reducing the risk of contamination; and are available in round, vee, flat
and special profiles to order.

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