Rydell releases new Ziplock connection

Exclusive Ammeraal Beltech distributor in Australia Rydell has
introduced the Ziplock join in the marketplace to reduce system downtime during
belt replacement.

Working closely with OEMs and end users, Ammeraal Beltech developed
Ziplock, a specially designed link belt insert that allows easy and fast belt
exchange, helping decrease downtime.

The Ziplock is ideal for applications where belt replacement time is an
issue, for example, at airports and in distribution centres, and is especially
designed for applications in inaccessible locations, such as conveyors at
ceiling height, very short conveyors or built-in conveyors.

Traditionally, mechanical belt fasteners in metal or plastic are used
for belt exchange, but these come with disadvantages such as noise, irregular
belt run and risk of damage of the belt load. The Ziplock connection, on the
other hand, is almost invisible, and has a smooth surface as well as a low
friction underside, resulting in a quiet belt run.

The Ziplock connection offers less maintenance costs and easy DIY splice.
Key benefits include minimum system downtime, with belt installation achieved in
minutes; reduced maintenance time and cost; silent splice, especially compared
to mechanical fasteners; no damage to conveyor or load on the belt; safe
on-site installation without requiring heavy equipment; no interruption of belt
surface and properties; no difference in friction between the belt and the
Ziplock insert, leading to a smooth economical operation; flexible splice area;
in-house splicing with no outside fitters required; and no need for splice
presses, electricity or water.

The Ziplock is backed by the proven track record
of Ammeraal Beltech conveyor belts worldwide. All these advantages add up to increased
operation time, operational safety, low energy consumption and economical use.

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